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A comprehensive range of low and high-pressure cleaning heads designed to meet the needs of firms looking for products that are perfectly suited for sanitising and cleaning, from the smallest of containers to the largest of spaces.
Particular care and attention has been devoted to the aspects of integration with industrial systems and machines, above all in the food, pharmaceutical, chemical, wine producing, transportation sectors, and in the urban and building cleaning industry, by using materials that are compatible with a large variety of products.
General Pump, along with our parent company, Interpump Group S.r.l.,  has been the world leader in plunger pump development since 1982.

Known as a leader in plunger pumps for the pressure cleaning  industry, we have expanded to fully serve Vehicle Washing and many  additional industrial applications, including Sewer Jetting, Oil and  Gas, Mining, Misting, and many more.

In-House Design
In addition to manufacturing and distributing the pumps and  accessories found in our Pump Selector, we also engineer custom  products.
Our in-house design team works to engineer, design, and create  prototypes based on our customers’ requirements and the applications for  which their pump will be used. We work with you to customize your new  product, using 3D CAD modeling and ANSYS fluid and stress analysis  software.
Triplex Ceramic Plunger Pumps
F51 Duplex Stainless

Designed for high pressure salt water applications
F51 Duplex Stainless is 10 times stronger than 316 SS
Guaranteed for 5 years for use with salt water
For over a century Gardner Denver has been building a reputation as the  leader in pump innovation and reliability. Our water jetting division  continues this tradition of excellence by building the absolute best  high pressure pumps on the market today. We use those industry leading  high pressure water pumps as the basis for our rugged water blasting units.
After building units for a wide variety of applications through the  years we have been able to develop our standard unit offerings to be  used in just about any water blasting situation. These units not only  offer ease of use, but also ease of repair when it comes time to replace  consumable items. At Gardner Denver we have one mission: Build the best  possible pump at a reasonable price.
Gardner Denver high pressure triplex and quintuplex pumps have been  successfully used for thousands of applications around the world. All  our pumps are designed with the user in mind, including fluid ends that  offer a variety of flows and pressures. With our patented plunger  quick-change, retorquing and unbolting is not required. Critical pump  components are autofrettaged using a proprietary process exclusive only  to Gardner Denver.

Welcome to an aggressive new world of detergents - Hydrus. Formulated in reverse, our products were born from tireless exploration of your most demanding environments. We spent years studying how your work with your equipment, what you expect of it, and ultimately, how your equipment works for you. Along the way, we opened the doors to new ideas. We took your most crucial needs and transformed them into a powerful, precise line of detergents that protect your equipment investment and shine through the most extreme cleaning projects. Hydrus. Developed with you, for you.

  • The BEST Quality Control in the industry.
  • Complete line of environmentally friendly products that produce excellent results.
  • Complete line of Super Concentrate products and options.
  • Unmatched customer service.
  • Exclusive surfactant package for superior cleaning results.
  • Scale Stop package that promotes longer equipment life.
  • Private label detergents custom formulated to exceed the needs of your customer.
  • Registration for all products for emergency exposure and spill situations.
  • Dean’s products are second to none!
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